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Learn to write well with writing curriculum, penmanship practice, copywork, and reference books.

What is the Honors Option?

The Honors Option in Excellence in Literature Key components of the Honors Option (in addition to regular assignments related to the focus text) include reading, writing, and a final exam. The reading is the most time-consuming...

You can teach your child to write; dictation, composition, and more.

You Can Teach Your Child to Write, Part 2

Part 2: Dictation, Composition, and Evaluation Don’t forget to read Part 1! Dictation Sharpens Writing Mechanics When the child has gained skill in copying and narration, it is time to begin working with dictation....

You can teach your child to write: PART 1: READINESS, READING, COPYING, AND NARRATION.

You Can Teach Your Child to Write, Part 1

You can teach your child to write!  Part 1: Readiness, reading, copying, and narration Writing — the art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye — is the great invention of the world. Great,...

How to Use Excellence in Literature curriculum.

How to use Excellence in Literature

What does a month look like for a student using Excellence in Literature? Have you wondered how to use Excellence in Literature? Here is an overview of how to use the study guide and...

Model-based writing book cover draft for survey

Book Title Survey: Can you help me decide?

I am having difficulty deciding on a title for my new book on model-based writing, and I am hoping you can help. I’ve created a short survey below, and would be very grateful for...

Excellence in Literature English 4: British Literature

What is included in Excellence in Literature?

Each volume of Excellence in Literature is intended to be used for one school year. The first third of the book introduces the purpose and focus of the curriculum, then provide information that will be useful...