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1857 McGuffey Readers with Instructions for Use with Charlotte Mason's Language Arts Methods: Six volumes for grades K-12.

McGuffey Reader FAQ

Although we have tried to answer every possible question about the McGuffey Readers on the main page and in the individual book description pages, there are a few questions that have cropped up about the curriculum...

McGuffey Fourth Reader: 1857 edition with Charlotte Mason method instructions

McGuffey Improvements to the 1857 Edition

What is the difference between the 1857 edition of the McGuffey Readers and the earlier edition?  The 1857 edition is the first edition with all six readers. The fifth and sixth readers were new for this edition, and were...

Learn to spell using the 1857 McGuffey Readers

How to Teach Spelling with McGuffey Readers

Teach spelling with the 1857 McGuffey Readers, with advice from Charlotte Mason In the First Eclectic Reader, McGuffey’s instructions are simple: “Let the child spell each word in the line, then read the line.” Remember that...