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Frequently asked questions about the Excellence in Literature curriculum by Janice Campbell

Excellence in Literature FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Excellence in Literature Excellence in Literature has been around for quite a few years, and there are questions that crop up almost every year, so it seems that it’s time...

You can teach your child to write; dictation, composition, and more.

You Can Teach Your Child to Write, Part 2

Part 2: Dictation, Composition, and Evaluation Don’t forget to read Part 1! Dictation Sharpens Writing Mechanics When the child has gained skill in copying and narration, it is time to begin working with dictation....

How to Use Excellence in Literature curriculum.

How to use Excellence in Literature

What does a month look like for a student using Excellence in Literature? Have you wondered how to use Excellence in Literature? Here is an overview of how to use the study guide and...