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World Literature Texts

World Literature Texts

In World Literature, students will study eight full-length works of fiction and in the seventh module, significant selections from the The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader. Students who choose the Honors option will read eighteen texts over...

British Literature Texts

British Literature Texts

In British Literature, students will study nine full-length works of fiction, including prose, poetry, and drama, as well as associated context resources. Students who choose the Honors option will read eighteen full-length works of fiction, including prose, poetry,...

What is the Honors Option?

The Honors Option in Excellence in Literature Key components of the Honors Option (in addition to regular assignments related to the focus text) include reading, writing, and a final exam. The reading is the most time-consuming...

How to Use Excellence in Literature curriculum.

How to use Excellence in Literature

What does a month look like for a student using Excellence in Literature? Have you wondered how to use Excellence in Literature? Here is an overview of how to use the study guide and...

Excellence in Literature English 4: British Literature

What is included in Excellence in Literature?

Each volume of Excellence in Literature is intended to be used for one school year. The first third of the book introduces the purpose and focus of the curriculum, then provide information that will be useful...

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