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Don’t worry about high school paperwork! The Transcripts Made Easy print and ebook set makes it easy to grade, grant credit, create homeschool transcripts, diplomas, and simple records. If you’d rather spend time with people than paperwork, Transcripts Made Easy is what you need.

Complete description of Transcripts Made Easy is at the print edition page.

Print book and downloadable eBook: 154 pages

Transcripts Made Easy

Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Paperwork shows you how to grade, grant credit, create simple, effective home-school transcripts and high school diplomas, and keep simple records. Now in a its fourth edition!
Trade paper; 8 x 10″; 136 pages; published 2018.

Transcripts Made Easy ebook

If you'd rather spend time with people than paperwork, Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paperwork is written for you! It will help you easily create a homeschool transcript, high school diploma, and keep simple records.

You'll find a complete description on the page for the print edition.

Downloadable ebook: 136 pages


Keep all the high school records you need with Transcripts Made Easy Print and eBook set

You’ll discover how easy it can be to:

  • Keep simple, accurate records quickly and easily.
  • Issue grades fairly and honestly, even if you haven’t been using grades in your homeschool.
  • Grant credit for traditional classes, unit studies, work experience, and other activities.
  • Award extra credit for honors classes, credit by exam, or dual-credit classes.
  • Calculate a grade point average, with or without weighted grades.
  • Showcase your student’s achievements with a professional, credible transcript that will “wow” admissions counselors.
  • Issue a diploma that’s nice enough to frame.

Benefits of the Transcripts Made Easy print and ebook set

When you purchase the Transcripts Made Easy print and ebook set, each edition contains the same material, but each format serves a specific purpose. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • You can read, mark up, and refer to the print version with ease
  • With the ebook, the reproducible forms can be printed off instead of photocopied
  • With the ebook, you can zoom in on the sample transcripts and study the details

There is a full description and reviews of Transcripts Made Easy and its contents at the print edition page.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing Janice Campbell’s book, Transcripts Made Easy. It is the BEST $$$ for homeschooling I ever spent! It is clear, concise, not wordy, or so thick a book you don’t want to EVER tackle it! It was so absolutely wonderful . . . I cannot say enough about the valuable information!! I made both of my son’s transcripts (using the Horizontal format with Microsoft Word) and they were so professional looking that I amazed myself!! I used these for both of my sons when applying for public school. This book . . . is filled to the brim with so much help!

I’d recommend purchasing this in the 7th grade year of your child’s schooling or before so that you will be prepared with what you need because many students take high school subjects during their 8th grade year. I never planned to enter my sons into public school, but you never know what the future holds. It is much better to be prepared, and Janice Campbell has put this together to help us . . . it is absolutely wonderful! 

(From a review by Pam Smith)



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