z- Money and Taxes in a Micro Business


Have a micro business? In this third book of a four-volume set, Carol Topp, CPA, teaches what you need to know about money and taxes, including how to use cash flow worksheets, income statements, and more.
The four books are:


—Starting a Microbusiness

—Running a Microbusiness

—Money and Taxes in a Micro Business

—Microbusiness for Teens Workbook

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Money and Taxes in a Micro Business

by Carol Topp, CPA


Volume 3 of the Micro-Business for Teens Curriculum

In Money and Taxes in a Micro Business, Carol Topp, a Certified Public Accountant who has extensive experience working with homeschoolers and small business, discusses money and taxes. Carol’s greatest strength — her experience as a CPA — really shines through in this book. Her overview of money- and tax-related record-keeping is the clearest and simplest I’ve encountered. She shares enough to work with, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. I wish I’d had this when I started my first business!

What you’ll learn in Money and Taxes in a Micro Business


—How Successful Are You? Your Income Statement

—Can You Stay in Business? The Cash Flow Worksheet

—Making More Profit

—Measuring Success: Financial Ratios

—Federal Taxes

—Who Are You? IRS Classifications of Teenage Workers

—More Taxes: State and Employer Taxes

—Sales Tax

—Hiring Help: Employees and Independent Contractors

—Working with an Accountant

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For inspiration, you may want to watch this episode of Carol’s PBS program, Micro Business for Teens.


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