The Little Grammar People


Journey to the Kingdom of Grammar with Linda and Barry in The Little Grammar People by Nuri Mass. This vintage story is a gentle introduction to the terms and concepts of English grammar. Ideal for elementary grades.

Paperbound, 7 x 10″; 118 pages


Teach grammar in story form

The Little Grammar People by Nuri Mass is a gentle introduction to English grammar, presented in story form. Linda Robin is having a hard time learning grammar until she and her brother Barry are taken on an enchanted journey to the Kingdom of Grammar.

Each stage of the adventure introduces a memorable new character — Miss Noun, Sir Pronoun, Madam Adjective, Small Boy Preposition, and others. By the time they return to the banks of their own little creek, Linda and Barry (and most likely the reader, too) have a vivid understanding of the best-known characters in Grammar-land.

From the back cover:

“The delicacy and imagination that distinguish The Little Grammar People make it a book for all children who have a dream in their hearts; and teachers will find it invaluable in helping young pupils to understand and respect their own language.”

This vintage book (previously published in 1942) has been carefully restored and republished in Australia with the permission of the author’s heirs.


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