The Little Duke by Charlotte Yonge


When Duke William of Normandy is assassinated, his 8-year-old son Richard becomes Duke, and his life changes dramatically. This is the story of his adventures.

Historical fiction set in medieval Normandy.

Paperback, 148 pages, AO2.


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In the Castle of Bayeux in Normandy in the year 943, an eight-year-old boy named Richard is growing up. When news comes that his father, Sir William of Normandy, has been murdered during a peace conference, Richard becomes the Duke. Taken hostage by a rival king and longing for his home country Richard learns some difficult lessons about leadership and kindness. But will he get the opportunity to use this knowledge or will his enemies prevail?

The original chapters of The Little Duke have been divided to present the book in 24 readings. Each reading is approximately the same length to assist homeschooling parents with scheduling lessons. This beautiful Australian edition also features the gorgeous illustrations from two previous printings to bring the story even more alive.


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