SU-Liquids and Gases Secrets of the Universe – Paul Fleisher


This living book uses simple experiments, detailed illustrations, and clearly explained concepts readers to introduce the basic principles of fluid mechanics in a fun, exciting way.



— Have you ever wondered why a ship floats but a tiny pebble sinks? Archimedes knew why.

— How does a basketball or tennis ball bounce? Robert Boyle could have described how!

— Can you explain why a hot-air balloon rises but a balloon you blow up drops to the ground?

To answer these questions and many more, author Paul Fleisher explains the laws that define how and why liquids and gases behave the way they do. This living book is referenced in several living book curriculum lists, including and This new edition has been updated by the author and includes all the original illustrations by Patricia Keeler.

Paul Fleisher’s Secrets of the Universe curriculum contains five books:

  • Liquids and Gases: Principles of Fluid Mechanics
  • Matter and Energy: Principles of Matter and Thermodynamics
  • Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: Principles of Modern Physics
  • Waves: Principles of Light, Electricity, and Magnetism
  • Objects in Motion: Principles of Classical Mechanics


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