The Great Astronomers by Robert Ball


Study the lives and discoveries of 18 great astronomers from Ptolemy through the 19th century. This living book provides a memorable introduction to the developing science of astronomy and those who studied the stars.

Paper; 5.5 x 8.5; 296 pages.

The Story Book of Science by Fabre

In The Story Book of Science Fabre writes mini-biographies of the lives of insects in a conversational style. This book has been recommended in a number of living books curriculum guides.

Paper; 5.5 x 8.5"; 296 pages.


The author writes with interest and delight of the great astronomers from Ptolemy on to the 19th century. In his preface, he writes, “There are many types of astronomers—from the stargazer who merely watches the heavens, to the abstract mathematician who merely works at his desk . . . It has been my object in these pages to present the life of each astronomer in such detail as to enable the reader to realize in some degree the man’s character and surroundings” along with the details of his discoveries. This book has been referenced in living book curricula, including

Great astronomers you will read about include

  • Ptolemy
  • Copernicus
  • Tycho Brahe
  • Galileo
  • Kepler
  • Isaac Newton
  • Flamsteed
  • Halley
  • Bradley
  • William Herschel
  • Laplace
  • Brinkley
  • John Herschel
  • The Earl Of Rosse
  • Airy
  • Hamilton
  • Le Verrier
  • Adams

This beautiful new Australian edition includes all the original illustrations, fully restored for modern printing methods. Illustrations include

The Observatory, Greenwich
Ptolemy’s Planetary Scheme
Ptolemy’s Theory Of The Movement Of Mars
Thorn, From An Old Print
Frauenburg, From An Old Print
Explanation Of Planetary Movements
Tycho Brahe
Tycho’s Cross Staff
Tycho’s “New Star” Sextant Of 1572
Tycho’s Trigonic Sextant
Tycho’s Astronomic Sextant
Tycho’s Equatorial Armillary
The Great Augsburg Quadrant
Tycho’s “New Scheme Of The Terrestrial System,” 1577
Uraniborg And Its Grounds
Ground-plan Of The Observatory
The Observatory Of Uraniborg, Island Of Hven
Effigy On Tycho’s Tomb At Prague
Tycho’s Mural Quadrant, Uraniborg
Galileo’s Pendulum
The Villa Arcetri
Facsimile Sketch Of Lunar Surface By Galileo
Crest Of Galileo’s Family
Kepler’s System Of Regular Solids
Symbolical Representation Of The Planetary System
The Commemoration Of The Rudolphine Tables
Woolsthorpe Manor
Trinity College, Cambridge
Diagram Of A Sunbeam
Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton’s Little Reflector
Sir Isaac Newton’s Sun-dial
Sir Isaac Newton’s Telescope
Sir Isaac Newton’s Astrolabe
Sir Isaac Newton’s Sun-dial In The Royal Society
Flamsteed’s House
Greenwich Observatory In Halley’s Time
William Herschel
Caroline Herschel
The 40-foot Telescope, Herschel House, Slough
The Observatory, Dunsink
From A Photograph By W Lawrence, Dublin
Astronometer Made By Sir John Herschel
Sir John Herschel
Nebula In Southern Hemisphere
The Cluster In The Centaur
Observatory At Feldhausen
Granite Column At Feldhausen
The Earl Of Rosse
Birr Castle
The Mall, Parsonstown
Lord Rosse’s Telescope
The Observatory, Cambridge


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