French-Ruled Notebooks (set of four)


Enjoy this set of four French-ruled notebooks in assorted colors!

  • Beautiful paper: opaque, 90g, smooth, white, acid free, pH neutral
  • Fountain-pen friendly
  • Sturdy laminated covers; assortment of four colors
  • Size: 6 ¾ x 8 1/4″
  • 96 pages/48 sheets

French-ruled notebooks are suitable for all ages. You may read a more detailed description at the single copy page.


French-ruled notebooks: useful for penmanship practice, copywork, notebooking, journaling, and more


You may read a detailed description of why I like these delightful French-ruled notebooks for both students and adults at the single copy page. Here is a quick look at the highlights.

  • French-ruled: The narrowly-spaced lines help to guide writing, no matter what size letters students need to write.


  • Amazing paper: The paper in these notebooks is beautiful. Either a pen or pencil glides along as if on rails, and each page is thick enough so that the writing on the other side does not show through, even when I use a fountain pen. In addition, it’s acid free and pH neutral.


  • Staple bound: It is always easier for a student to write well if his/her arm is supported on a flat surface. If a student is writing in a thick notebook, and gets halfway across the page and his hand falls off the edge, a degree of control and steadiness is lost, and handwriting on the second half of each line tends to be wobblier and less controlled. These slim composition books avoid that problem, as the drop-off is small enough so that the hand continues to be supported by the desk. For left-handed students, there is no annoying wire binding to get in the way.


  • Laminated covers are durable yet flexible. They come in assorted, juicy colors — your set of four will have one of each color.


  • Size: 6 ¾ x 8 1/4″: This is big enough enough so that older students can fit quite a lot on the page, but small enough to not intimidate younger students. If your student is using it for a composition book, the page size makes reaching a specific word count seem doable.


  • 96 pages/48 sheets: There are enough pages to be useful, and to see progress from beginning to end. However, the notebooks are also short enough that students can begin afresh every semester or so. This is especially good for students who work hard to make each page look nice.


The images are imperfect, as hastily-written samples and iPhone photos can be, but I hope they give you an idea of what these lovely little books are like. I think they are a wonderful tool for helping your children learn to write with ease and enjoyment.



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