CM5- Formation of Character by Charlotte Mason (Volume 5)


Formation of Character is Volume 5 of Charlotte Mason’s six-volume Home Education series. In this book, Miss Mason uses stories and case studies to demonstrate how character is developed and how a parent can “help a child to get rid of some hindrance — a bad temper, for example — likely to spoil his life” (from the preface).

Paperbound, 5 x 8″, 476 pages.


Formation of Character

Formation of Character is Volume 5 of Charlotte Mason’s six-volume Home Education series. In the preface, Miss Mason offers a brief explanation of how character can be gently guided, then provides a number of case studies and stories in which character issues and learning methods are illustrated. This extends the parent-training begun in Parents and Children, and the subject matter covered is applicable to a wide range of ages.

In Formation of Character


Part I Some Studies In Treatment

(Case studies in how character issues were successfully addressed.)

  • I. The Philosopher At Home
  • II. Inconstant Kitty
  • III. Under A Cloud
  • IV. Dorothy Elmore’s Achievement
  • V. Consequences
  • VI. Mrs. Sedley’s Tale
  • VII. Ability
  • VIII. Poor Mrs. Jumeau!
  • IX. “A Happy Christmas To You!”

Part II Parents In Council

(Conversations between parents and others about the nature and method of education and how children can learn well.)

  • I. What A Salvage!
  • II. Where Shall We Go This Year?
  • III. The A-B-C-Darians
  • IV. “Die Neus Zeit Bedarf Der Neuen Schule” (A School-Master’s
  • V. A Hundred Years After (At The Cloughs’ Dinner-Table, Sept. 10, 1990)

Part III Concerning Youths And Maidens

(Advice for teaching and guiding older students and suggestions for additional education in the years between school and marriage.)

  • I. Concerning The Schoolboy And Schoolgirl
  • II. Concerning The Young Maidens At Home

Part IV Some Studies In The Evolution Of Character

(This chapter offers a look the childhood of a few interesting men, including Socrates and Goethe, and considers how their upbringing affected their lives.)

  • I. Two Peasant Boys
  • II. A Genius At “School”
  • III. Pendennis Of Boniface
  • IV. “Young Crossjay”
  • V. Better-Than-My-Neighbour
  • VI. A Modern Educator: Thomas Godolphin Rooper
  • Appendix: A Few Books Dealing with Education

This lovely edition was republished in Australia by Living Book Press. Books published by Living Book Press are not photo reproductions of the original hardback volumes as were the original pink books but are a completely new transcription of the original versions presented in a fresh, clean font for easier reading. Page numbers in these newly typeset volumes correspond to the original editions for easy study and cross-referencing, and wide margins offer space for notes.

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