Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum


The Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12 is a self-directed, college prep English program. Full-length classic literature is taught in its historic and cultural context, with week-by-week lesson plans and writing assignments.
Level: Grades 8-12
3-ring binder with tab dividers: 398 pages

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Handbook for Writers Excellence in Literature

The Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers is a unique one-stop reference for how to write essays, as well as a guide for punctuation, style, and usage. It is ideal for use with the Excellence in Literature curriculum.

Paperbound; 8 x 10"; 420 pages


Want to change the order of Excellence in Literature
modules to match your history sequence?

You can do it!

Now you can get all the study guides in one big binder: Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12.
During five years of study with this self-directed college-prep curriculum, you will study great books and write a wide variety of papers. The Complete Curriculum includes:

   — Introduction to Literature

   — Literature and Composition

   — American Literature 

   — British Literature

   — World Literature
It’s easy to customize high school English by mixing and matching modules. Although the five levels of Excellence in Literature graduate in difficulty, based on the complexity of literature and assignments, there is a great deal of flexibility. Each module throughout the curriculum stands alone, so it is easy to select literature to coordinate with history studies.
There are nine study modules in each level. These outline readings and a week-by-week lesson plan for each of the classic works being studied. In addition, you will find reference resources, including instructions for evaluation, reproducible rubric and assignment sheets, and more. A Formats and Models chapter provides detailed instructions for each type of paper, along with a student-written model so parents and students can see exactly what is expected.
You can see an annotated listing of each of the introductory and reference chapters at the “What is included in Excellence in Literature” post.
With the binder format, you can custom-select modules to fit your needs. The pages are thoughtfully laid out so that each module begins on a right-hand page, so that you can pull them out and create custom study paths without accidentally leaving a page behind.
Visit my blog to read about how I chose literature for Excellence in Literature. This link will open in a new tab, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place here.

“Students completing these courses should be

miles ahead of most of their high school contemporaries

in their ability to read and analyze literature at a sophisticated level.

The challenging writing assignments also promise to

develop student skills in composition to a high level.”

From a detailed review by Cathy Duffy


Best value: Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum Print and eBook together

Get the print book and ebook together for just a bit more.

We offer the exclusive Print Plus ebook add-on option.

Print Plus eBook learning advantages:

  • Printed guide is best for frequently referenced instructional articles and models
  • eBook add-on can be one more than one device for use by others in the family
  • eBook add-on allows students to click context resources links on most computers, rather than type in URLs (any link updates will be listed on the Excellence in Literature resource site in the Curriculum User Content)
  • Extra copies of reproducible forms can be easily printed from the add-on

The Complete Curriculum in a binder is $149 + $5.95 shipping. You may purchase the print and ebook together for $199 + $5.95 shipping (just $10 per level more). This allows you to use the print volume for planning and reference (especially the frequently accessed chapters on “How to Read a Book,” “How to Write an Essay,” and “Discerning Worldview through Literary Periods,” and “Formats and Models”), while allowing your student the convenience of clicking links to context resources (on most computers), rather than typing them in.
Links to ebook edition or print and ebook together.

Click each title below for a detailed description of the study guide.

Introduction to Literature (English 1) 
Literature and Composition (English 2)
American Literature (English 3)
British Literature (English 4)
World Literature (English 5)
The Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12
Handbook for Writers


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