Cursive Made Easy Bundle

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Learn cursive in four easy lessons with CursiveLogic, then practice and review with beautiful coloring pages in The Art of Cursive.

The Cursive Made Easy Bundle contains one copy of each book.

  • CursiveLogic: 112 pages plus 3 dry-erase practice pages; top-spiral bound
  • Art of Cursive: 8.5 x 11″ paperbound book

Cursive Made Easy with CursiveLogic

Learn cursive in four easy lessons! Each CursiveLogic worktext includes the four foundational lessons, consumable practice pages, and three dry-erase pages for review.

Second edition is 112 pages plus 3 dry-erase practice pages; top-spiral bound.


The Art of Cursive

The Art of Cursive coloring book provides extensive practice in the CursiveLogic handwriting method. As students are coloring beautiful pictures, they are practicing cursive letters, connections, slant, spacing, and more. Best of all, it's fun and relaxing!

8.5 x 11" paperbound book.



Cursive Made Easy bundle

Learn and practice beautiful penmanship with the innovative CursiveLogic book paired with The Art of Cursive. This unique program helps students achieve a smooth, flowing script they will enjoy using. Since handwriting is used in learning most other things (through copywork or composition), students who learn beautiful, orderly penmanship have a head start on absorbing their other school subjects.

If you’re not sure whether you want to teach cursive, the post, “Penmanship Matters” (it will open in a new tab), provides some compelling reasons to teach handwriting.

One book, four lessons

CursiveLogic teaches students to write all the letters of the alphabet in a clean cursive script, very much like the Palmer method I learned as a child. Each CursiveLogic worktext includes four foundational lessons, consumable practice pages, and three dry-erase pages for review. The curriculum contains a number of features that make it different from others, and it’s compact and easy to use.

The Art of Cursive coloring book provides ongoing practice in the CursiveLogic handwriting method. This unique coloring book offers a brief review of the lettering lessons learned in CursiveLogic, then beautiful pictures filled with cursive to color. It’s a unique and engaging way to practice handwriting. And beyond that, it’s fun and relaxing!


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