Chenier’s Practical Math Set

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Chenier’s Practical Math offers solid math instruction with practical application, trade tips, and a math dictionary that will be used for a lifetime.

It’s real-world, living math for people who need to do things! 

Dictionary: 7.4 x 5.8″; 406 pages
Application Guide: 8.4 x 10″; 256 pages

Practical Math Dictionary

This tool-box sized Dictionary is packed cover to cover with instructions for how to do virtually anything in math. Charts, tables, diagrams, and reference guides make explanations clear, and make it easy to learn what you need to know.

Paperbound; Non-consumable

7.4 x 5.8"; 406 pages

Practical Math Application Guide

21 Math Training Modules include:

  • Instructional Objectives
  • Math Study Notes
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Objective Practice Problems
  • Trade Tricks
  • Pre- and Post-Tests

Paperbound; Consumable

8.4 x 10"; 256 pages


Applied Mathematics for Students, Crafters, and Tradespeople

(Real-World, Living Math for People Who Need to Know Things)


Do your students ever look at a math assignment and ask, “But how will I ever use this?”


Chenier’s Practical Math Dictionary and Application Guide provides the answer.

Have you ever wondered how or if you will ever use what you learn in math? I know I did. I was an English major and traditionally-taught math made very little sense to me. I wanted useful math — math I could use to make architectural drawings, plan quilt designs, calculate carpet and wallpapaper amounts, build fences, and figure out how many brussels sprouts I could plant in my garden. The Practical Math books are unlike any textbook I’ve seen, and they are the first math books I’ve found useful since I graduated many long years ago. For me, this was living math.
The Chenier’s Practical Math two-book set offers a unique practical approach to mathematics. The Practical Math Dictionary provides orderly instruction and formulas for how to solve almost any kind of math problem. It can be used with the Practical Math Application Guide or any math curriculum. On its own, it is a useful addition to a tradesman’s toolbox, because of its wealth of practical how-to information.
The Practical Math Application Guide teaches through 21 Math Training Modules, beginning with whole numbers and moving through fractions, decimals, and percentages to geometry and trigonometry. Lessons are keyed to the Dictionary, and provide hands-on practice of the formulas and methods taught.
Every time I take these books to a homeschool convention, they captivate homeschool dads. The comment I usually hear is, “I could use these myself!” It’s true — if you have building projects or home improvement tasks you would like to accomplish, these are a wonderful resource to have on hand. They would also be a great gift for a budding carpenter, metal worker, quilter, or new homeowner. My husband is a machinist, and he was very impressed by the quality and range of information and practical application included.
If you have a student who is considering going into the trades, Chenier’s Practical Math would be ideal. Solid instruction backed by practical application, trade tips, and a math dictionary that will be useful for a lifetime are features that make these books stand head and shoulders above other math resources. I recommend them.
NOTE: You will find more information about what is included in each book on its individual product page.


About the Author

The Practical Math books are the life-work of Norman Chenier. Early in his career as a building contractor, he saw the need for practical math skills, and began teaching his own work crew, then accepted a position as a Building Trades Instructor while finishing his B.S. in Trade and Technical Information. Over the next few decades, he taught math to high school students and tradesmen, including machinists, carpenter, pipe fitters, millwrights, welders, and others, while continuing his own education.
He writes, “I have devoted much of my life to developing these books, as I firmly believe our country needs to improve basic applied math skills.” He’s right, and I’m thankful for the excellent materials he has created.


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