Burgess Flower Book (color edition)


Beautiful flower illustrations complement Burgess’s storytelling to teach children about the world of flowers.

Paperback, 274 pages.

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Burgess Animal Book (color edition)

In the Burgess Book of Animals, Peter learns about animals both big and small, from near and far, like the Hare, but also creatures like the Flying Squirrel, Grizzly Bear, Otter, Fox, Armadillo and how they relate to each other. These delightful stories can be enjoyed as read-alouds or practice reading for emerging readers.

Paperbound, 40 stories, all original illustrations, 363 pages, index.

Burgess Bird Book (color edition)


In this charming nature book author Thornton Burgess introduces a variety of North American flower species in colorful detail. This edition features all the full color images from the original to help you and your young ones identify those found in your neighborhood. Told in storybook fashion, this is suitable for both reading aloud and reading silently.

This edition is complete and includes all color images from the original.



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