CM6- A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason (Volume 6)


A Philosophy of Education (Volume 6) is Charlotte Mason’s last book, and it contains the fruit of many years of teaching and observation of her methods in use. This volume addresses parents and teachers of teens, but there is much that is applicable to any age.

Paperbound, 5 x 8″, 392 pages.


A Philosophy of Education: Improving Character and Conscience

A Philosophy of Education is Volume 6 of Charlotte Mason’s six-volume Home Education series. This is Charlotte Mason’s last book, and it contains the fruit of many years of teaching and observing her methods at work in the Parents National Education Union (PNEU) schools. While it focuses primarily on the education of older students (twelve and up), there is much in it that is applicable to any age. Of all the volumes, this is most heavily focused on the “why” of the educational methods and like the others in the series reveals new wisdom with each successive reading.

In A Philosophy of Education

Book I.

  • Chapter 1 Self-Education
  • Chapter 2 Children Are Born Persons
  • Chapter 3 The Good And Evil Nature Of A Child
  • Chapter 4 Authority And Docility
  • Chapter 5 The Sacredness Of Personality
  • Chapter 6 Three Instruments Of Education
  • Chapter 7 How We Make Use Of Mind
  • Chapter 8 The Way Of The Will
  • Chapter 9 The Way Of The Reason
  • Chapter 10 The Curriculum

Section I: The Knowledge Of God

Section II: The Knowledge Of Man

  1. History
  2. Literature
  3. Morals and Economics
  4. Composition
  5. Languages
  6. Art

Section III: The Knowledge Of The Universe;

  1. Science and Geography
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physical Development and Handicrafts

Book II Theory Applied

  • Chapter 1 A Liberal Education In Elementary Schools
  • Chapter 2 A Liberal Education In Secondary Schools
  • Chapter 3 Scope Of Continuation Schools
  • Chapter 4 The Basis Of National Strength: A Liberal Education from a National Standpoint
  1. Knowledge
  2. Letters, Knowledge, and Virtue
  3. Knowledge, Reason, and Rebellion
  4. New and Old Conceptions of Knowledge
  5. Education and Fulness of Life
  6. Knowledge in Literary Form
  • Supplementary: Too Wide a Mesh

This lovely edition was republished in Australia by Living Book Press. Books published by Living Book Press are not photo reproductions of the original hardback volumes as were the original pink books but are a completely new transcription of the original versions presented in a fresh, clean font for easier reading. Page numbers in these newly typeset volumes correspond to the original editions for easy study and cross-referencing, and wide margins offer space for notes.

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