How to buy

Buying something from a small online business can be a bit different than buying from a huge commercial sites with one-click checkout. We are always trying to make things easier for you, so I thought I’d offer a look at the purchasing and checkout process. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Here’s a look at the purchase process on Everyday Education. In most of the images, you will see a red circle around the portion of the image that relates to the text. I hope it’s helpful!

Select your books

You may begin with either of our menus — product description pages are listed and linked from the left sidebar or as dropdown menus in the top menu bar.

Another way to find the product you want is to type a few words into one of the two search boxes on the page. You will find one at the top right (see screenshot below), and one at the top of the left sidebar. Click on the magnifying glass you see illustrated below, and a drop down box will appear. Type in a few keywords to find what you want.

Click the magnifying glass to search Everyday Education.

Example: If you want to search for the Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum, you might type in “complete curriculum.”

How to type keywords into search box.

When you hit “enter” after the search term, you will get a page of results. During today’s search, I got 23 results, with the top result being the Complete Curriculum Print and eBook Bundle, as you see below. If you were to scroll down the search result page, you would see more links related to the Complete Curriculum. Each link leads directly to the product description page.

Another way to reach the product description page for any Excellence in Literature guide is to go to the Excellence in Literature link from the top menu bar or the left sidebar. This is the main literature page and contains a master description with links to the products and more articles about the curriculum.

Search results for Excellence in Literature Complete Curriculum.

Add an item to the shopping cart

On each product description page, you will find an “Add to cart” button in the first section of the description. Click it to add your book to the shopping cart. After you add each item, you should see your shopping cart with all that’s in it, and you will have a choice to either check out or continue shopping.

Where to find the add-to-cart button.


Looking at your shopping cart

If you want to look at your shopping cart without adding an item, you will find a link to it toward the bottom of the list in the left sidebar.

The shopping cart link is in the left sidebar.

Pay with Amazon

The first payment option you will see in the checkout process is the Amazon payment option. This is located at the top of the checkout page

How to pay with Amazon on Everyday Education.

Pay with PayPal

Just below the details of your shopping cart and the space where you enter your address, you will see the option to pay with PayPal. Click on this option for paying with a PayPal account AND for paying with a credit or debit card. If you want to use your PayPal account, just log in to the screen that appears and pay with your method of choice.

How to pay with PayPal on Everyday Education.

Pay with a credit or debit card

PayPal offers the option of choosing to pay with a credit or debit card if you don’t want to use a PayPal account. To access this, click the PayPal option as above, then make sure the log in boxes are blank, as you see in the screenshot below. The option to pay without a PayPal account appears below the PayPal login information.

How to pay with credit or debit card without a PayPal account.

Pay with check

Choose the “Pay with cheque” option, then send a check made out to Everyday Education, LLC to us at P. O. Box 549, Ashland, VA 23005.

Terms and Conditions checkbox

This is a little box that comes with the software, and you have to check it in order to proceed. The purpose of it is to ensure that you have visited the “About/Contact” page and are aware of how we ship, the return policy, and such.

Co-op or Wholesale Orders

For quantity orders, please email us with the quantity desired and type of organization. We will calculate to see if there is a discount based on quantity ordered and estimate shipping based on weight. If terms are agreeable, we will send a PayPal invoice for order plus actual shipping amount, and ship the order upon receipt of payment. Retailers will also need to sign and return a copy of our retail agreement.

Thank you for considering a purchase from Everyday Education!