Books We Sell: A Master List

The wise old owl points the way to the books we sell. We moved the website to this new platform just before the conference travel season and are still working on getting everything tagged and organized for easy finding. Since the site is so different from the old one, it can sometimes be challenging to find exactly the book or bundle you are looking for, so here is a short list of books we sell.

I have listed only one format for each of the books, but most come in both print and ebook formats, and are also available as a print/ebook bundle. A few books are bundled together with other compatible titles. In addition to the list below, you can find books in three ways:

  • Through the search box: click on the magnifying glass at top right and type in a word from the title you want
  • Visit the “Shop” page and select a category, then select from the books in that category
  • Click on a tag in the tag cloud in the right column

Here is the master list of books we sell:

Books by Janice Campbell

Other books

I carry a few extra things during convention season, so just check the left sidebar index for those.

Coming soon!

  • Model-Based Writing

Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell writes and speaks about homeschooling, using lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method. Her books and resources, including Excellence in Literature, Transcripts Made Easy, and Get a Jump Start on College, reflect Janice’s focus on twaddle-free, active learning (she did have boys, after all!).