One of the Family by Frederick George Cotman (1850 - 1920) (British) — The painting that inspired Janice Campbell's mission statement.

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Hi! I’m Janice Campbell, and I’m glad you stopped by. Homeschooling is a wonderful adventure, a great challenge, and an amazing opportunity. It can be overwhelming too, so since 2001, I’ve been offering information and resources that can help you along the way.

My four boys have all graduated, and I’m so thankful for the time we had together as we homeschooled from pre-school through high school, and even into early college. I believe in twaddle-free, active learning (pretty necessary with a houseful of boys!), so we used a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason and classical learning.

On this site and at my blog, Doing What Matters, I will share things I’ve learned while homeschooling, and provide books and resources that will help you create a homeschool experience that fits your family. I would like to help you make time for things that matter by streamlining life’s necessities — things like high school transcripts, records, and diplomas, so that you will have more time for the truly important things — not just faith and family, but also growing in wisdom and virtue. You’ll find articles and a small but growing collection of resources focused on delightful pursuits such as classic literature, writing, art, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

You will find resources such as Excellence in Literature, a five-year, self-directed, college-prep classic literature curriculum that helps you teach the great books to your high school students, even if you don’t know Virginia Woolf from Beowulf. You’ll also find Transcripts Made Easy (a trusted resource since 2001, now in an exciting new fourth edition), Get a Jump Start on College, a Micro-Business for Teens curriculum, the 1857 McGuffey Readers, Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting, and more. If you need help finding the book you want, the list linked below will help.

Master List of Books from Everyday Education

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You can see the most recent blog posts in the left column. I’ve written about various aspects of homeschooling — reading, writing, learning, planning, living, working and becoming the mom you want your child to remember at the Doing What Matters blog. You might also want to visit the Excellence in Literature website. It is where we post context resources for the Excellence in Literature curriculum. Thank you for visiting!