Spelling Made Easy


Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling is a two-year program with homonyms and puzzles to help your student master the words that spell-check never catches.

  • 290 homonym groups
  • A lesson is 10 groups of homonyms with definitions
  • There are 4 different types of puzzles for each lesson

Trade paper; 8.5 x 11″ 230 pages.

Product Description

Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling

by Connie Schenkelberg

Master the words that spell-check never catches!

Spelling Made Easy uses homonyms and puzzles to make spelling instruction easy and painless for middle-grade students. As a bonus, students build vocabulary as they are studying each homonym group.

If you’ve loved Connie’s unique linguistic approach to grammar in Grammar Made Easy, I think you’ll love the homonym approach to spelling. It makes so much sense, just like all her practical, real-world materials. Here’s a bit more about it from the back of the book:

Spelling can be fun!

• Do you have a student who struggles with spelling?

• Have you wondered how to teach your student the difference between similar words?

• Would you like a spelling program students enjoy using?

Spelling Made Easy is what you’re looking for!

There are 290 homonym groups in the book. Every ten groups form a lesson, which includes the list of homonyms with word definitions, plus four puzzles. There is a suggested assignment schedule for using the book over the course of one year or two years, so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. Daily assignments are adaptable to your student’s pace, and every puzzle has an answer key.

About the Author

Connie Schenkelberg taught English in a variety of settings. She worked in private and public schools and home schooled her own children in the upper grades and served as a co-op teacher for a home school group. As an English teacher, she was expected to teach reading, literature, writing, research skills, grammar, and spelling.

Because she worked in a school district with students from many cultural backgrounds, Connie found it necessary to devise special methods to reach students with vastly differing abilities. Those creative methods have found a new home among homeschoolers through Spelling Made Easy and Grammar Made Easy.

Connie writes about how she developed Spelling Made Easy

“Did you know that most teacher training schools show students how to teach just about everything except grammar and spelling? Yup, ‘tis true. So, what do teachers do? Many just ignore these subjects.

Well, I wanted to see my students learn, so that just wouldn‘t do. Thus began a search for effective spelling instruction. I studied linguistics and various teaching methods, and finally began teaching spelling through homonyms.

Word processing programs catch true spelling errors, but these programs cannot alert the writer to homonym errors. Thus, it made sense to me to have students study homonyms. And, very importantly, this is what is tested on middle school standardized tests.

I used homonyms as the basis of my spelling instruction for the last few years I was in the classroom. My students had the highest scores in our building, and their spelling errors in written assignments went down dramatically. Learning spelling through homonyms makes sense. I hope you’ll try it!”

Spelling Made Easy is a user-friendly two-year program, available as either a print book (p-book) or an instantly downloadable e-book. Student exercise pages may be photocopied for use within your own immediate family. The e-book version is immediately downloadable, with student exercise pages that may be easily printed for each student in your family.

You’ve done the endless spelling lists—why not try a spelling method that’s effective and fun?

Download a sample lesson (PDF) from Spelling Made Easy.

If you’d like to see a sample, I’ve posted the first lesson as PDF download– Right-click above to download sample. Take a look at it, and see for yourself how easy spelling can be.

Don’t forget! This book also comes in an ebook edition, as well as a print and ebook bundle.


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