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Get a Jump Start on College! by Janice Campbell

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Get a Jump Start on College! Earn credits in high school

Get a Jump Start on College!

    Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens

    Give your teen a head start on life!

    You can...

    • Save thousands of dollars on college tuition!
    • Transform school from a "must-do" chore into a "want-to-do" privilege!
    • Add instant credibility to your high school transcript.
    • Motivate bored teens to take charge of their learning.
    • Give your student success tools for life!

    Get it now -- it will change your life!

    "Yes, you really can get a "jump start on college" and save tens of thousands of dollars . . . or, with your now proven track record, get into much more prestigious institutions . . . or both!

    "Janice Campbell has done an excellent job of attractively presenting ways you can earn college credit before college . . . plus pointing out many additional opportunities and pitfalls. It would take you hundreds of hours to ferret all this out on your own. I know, because I went through this very process years ago!

    "As a result of my research, my own children have already done just about everything Janice recommends (so I know it works!).

    "Having some college-level work under your belt is a definite plus, whether you just want to whiz through college quickly or are trying to set yourself apart from the crowd and impress a top university. Now finding out how to grab those college credits in high school is easier than ever before."

    Mary Pride, Publisher of
    Practical Homeschooling magazine and author of Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling

    Was it Benjamin Franklin who said, "The early bird gets the worm"? I didn't really have an appreciation for that idea until one of my sons graduated from college at the age of nineteen, and went directly into a cushy job with a Fortune 500 corporation-- all because the president of the company was intrigued by all he'd accomplished during his teen years!

    Each of my sons has started earning college credits when they were in their mid-teens. By studying just a little deeper, and doing a little planning, they were able to enter college with quite a few credits already under their belts. But why did we want to do it? How did we convince our teens that it was a good idea?

    "Homeschoolers do things differently, and college is no exception. The brick-and-mortar college is only one option among many. Homeschoolers are leading the way in distance education, combining proficiency testing with other options to tread a more affordable, family-friendly approach to higher education.  Janice Campbell helps us walk this path with confidence, giving us the benefit of her experience, along with charts and checklists to guide every step.  Don’t consider college until you investigate Ms. Campbell’s book, Get a Jump Start on College; A Practical Guide for Teens"!
    Christine Field, author of Help for the Harried Homeschooler, Homeschooling the Challenging Child, and more...

    There are many reasons! Teens who finish college early have an automatic head start on life. I found that the challenge of earning credits and the goal of early graduation motivates and focuses a busy teen in a way I would never have imagined. Suddenly, schoolwork has real meaning, and there is a tangible reward for the time they spend. Earning college credits gives them immediate feedback on the quality of their learning. It shows they are motivated and willing to challenge themselves, and that's a terrific way to earn the respect of peers, mentors, and yes... the college admissions department.

    I've been fascinated by the idea of early college ever since I heard of the Swann family, whose 10 children earned bachelor's degrees at age 15 and master's degrees at age 16, all from the comfort of home. Compare that with the average 16-year-old who is looking at six more years of school just to finish a bachelor's degree! And that's not even mentioning the fact that earning college credits independently can save you thousands of dollars!

    I didn't necessarily want the boys to earn their entire degree at home, but I could see that there were huge advantages to getting a jump start on the future. College credits add tremendous credibility to a homeschool transcript. They show academic ability, motivation, maturity, and so much more. I knew my boys were academically up to college-level work, but they definitely weren't ready to be immersed full-time into the college scene. Earning credits independently allowed us to keep homeschooling as long as we wanted to, while still meeting their academic needs.

    "One of the sad ironies of life is that many Christian parents train up their children and then actually pay for their spiritual destruction at secular and liberal Christian colleges. Janice Campbell's book, Get a Jump Start on College, offers excellent advice for getting a college education while avoiding full immersion in what often ends up being a 'University of Destruction.'" 
    David Wheaton, author of University of Destruction

    Teens who earn college credits during the high school years are way ahead of the game. They have options!

    • They have more room in their schedules for upper-level classes (the really interesting ones).
    • They can take a lighter course load in order to leave time for other pursuits such as travel, hobbies, volunteering.
    • They can finish college in two or three years, rather than the customary four or more.
    • They have time to start a business and make it profitable before they need to support a family.
    • They're even ready to take on the corporate world if that's what they want to do!

    It was definitely Benjamin Franklin who said "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." The high school years are short and precious. You can make the most of them by helping your teen get a head start on life.

    You can give your teen a head start on life!

    Get a Jump Start on College! will show you how...

    This concise, practical guide shows you, step by step, exactly how your teen can:

    • Get started on college at any age.
    • Use exams to earn a semester of credit in half a day.
    • Document learning and experience with a portfolio.
    • Choose an affordable, accredited college that offers the flexible options you need.

    "I just had to let you know that your Get a Jump Start information has already saved our family thousands of dollars in college expenses. Thank you so much!"
    Mary Lou R., Homeschool Mom, VA

    "Thank you for making it so easy to understand..."
    Tara, via E-mail

    Best of all...
    It will show your teen how to graduate from college when most teens are graduating from high school!

    Ship me the paperback version for $18+ shipping!

    Read on to see what's in it....

    "OH, what a treasure trove is Janice Campbell's book, Get a Jump Start on College!! My son has only 2 more years to go with his high school studies, and I'm excited that we may be able to get a jump start on college for him. [The book is] full of information and easy-to-use charts to walk you through, [and] Janice writes in an easy manner as if she were sitting across the table from you as you share a cup of tea.

    This book is extremely encouraging and has plenty of step-by-steps to hold your hand while you gain your confidence in this different world. I know I'll have my copy near at hand as we continue our last years with my son--I only wish I had this book about 3 years ago! However with what Janice presents, it will help us even in the last 2 years of high school! So no matter where you are in your high school homeschool journey, looking towards high school or in the midst, this book is the best addition to your arsenal of tools to make the most of these wonderful years with your child."

    From a review by Donna Conner, author of Homeschooling Only One, Texas

    Make the most of your high school years (and save $$$$$!)- Get a Jump Start on College today!

    What's In Jump Start?


    Early College: Why Bother?
    What Does It Take To Earn A Degree?
    .....Can You Get A Quality Education From Home?
    .....Read Widely, Learn Deeply
    How to Earn College Credit Non-Traditionally
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    College-Level Exams
    .....*Smart Tip
    Choose Your Exams
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    Portfolio Credit
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    Take a Class!
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    Choose Your College
    Choose a Major
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    Apply For Financial Aid
    .....How to Apply
    .....*Smart Tip
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    Create A Degree Plan
    Skills You Need to Master
    .....Action Steps You Can Take Today
    How to Review For College-Level Exams
    .....Study Tools
    .....Study Steps
    Available Exams
    Reproducible Worksheets
    The Jump Start Checklist

    "What a great resource and straight to the point. Our oldest son of three is approaching the teen years and this book has really helped with direction in how to transition into college. It has given insight on how to manage his college education in a non-traditional way using resources that will minimize the cost. The college comparison worksheets are gems in helping to cross reference the requirements and acceptance of different placement exams..."
    Bridgette S., Army Wife, Homeschooling Mom of 3, Germany

    Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens

    It's short enough to be inviting,

    long enough to change your life.

    Are you ready?

    Get it today!

    To order an instantly downloadable e-book copy of Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens for only $16, CLICK HERE. You save $2.00 plus shipping costs - a total savings of nearly $7 compared to the print version, and you can be reading your copy in just minutes! To read more about how e-books work, click here.

    A print version of Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens (8.5x11" trade paperback), is also available with a cover price of $18 plus shipping.

    Get the eBook and save!


    Yes, I want the instantly downloadable e-book!!

    Ship me the paperback version!

    $18 + shipping

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